Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wreaths for eveyone!

I allready showed you the wreath I made using some stuff from Migros and Ikea. The truth is that I wantes ot use oine from Ikea, the snövita wreath.

I bought two and I realised all my ideas looked like shit. Until now! This weekend I finished this. I used some felt stash I had at home, scissors, tons of glue and paper and a pen to draw the figures.

Honestly I'm satisfied with the result I think is quoite cute. I made one with Sankt Nicohlaus for our place and another with the 3 Magic Kings for my parents.

Cultural note: the 3 magic kings (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar) come on the 6th of january, they bring gifts and stuff. At home each one of us had a special king that left us notes (little feedback from our parents about our behaviour - I remember taking them really seriously even when I knew thei were written by my parents-).

I have to say I like them better than Santa Claus and othe rtraditions that are coming from other countries,I'm really old minded for Christmas stuff.

I want traditional food, stay with my family and old friends... I have the whole year to be subversive!