Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So to sum up,

Swiss housewifes (Hausfrau) do their own candles for the Advent Kalender in the small Kerzenziehen places around Switzerland where (depending on the time, money and patience you have) you can get a small rope and dip it until it becomes something similar to a candle.

They also do wonderful wreaths and Christmas decorations for an ecological Christmas tree their super-macho men cut on the forest (ok I made this up but I promise there is a special day to "go and cut it yoursef!").

We cannot forget they also bake delicious cookies (Migros O love you sooo much)

But there is more....

They take their 103.405 kids to the singing christmas tree, a torture instrument where they sit for hours freezing and singing (not very well I have to say) christmas songs and some hits from Rihanna.

Lucky me with some warm vine everything sounds great, I might even sing along!

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