Monday, November 8, 2010


The flat is finished, on Suday we built the cheapest closet ever and we have decided not to buy or do anything more until spring at least! Ikea forget where I live!!

Well we will get just one more thing a Christmas tree!

On Sunday I went to the Sukkulenten Sammlung in Zürich, its a free small botanical garden full of cactus, really beautiful in fact much better than the offical Botanical Garden. The next time I promise some pictures.

There I got a nice flyer (made of recycled paper of course!) about the eco-Zürich -made-christmas-trees. Here everything is "eco" so you can go to the city forest and get your own tree.

And by get I mean CUT! Placid is really excited but we still don't know if you need to bring your own axe!

And to keep on with the autum mood of  the weekend we started the get-fat-before-the-winter-comes-and-freezes-your-ass season by baking 2 tons of cookies!

The cooker

The results.
I won't put a picture about the indigestion I got after eating 2 kilos of cookies :-(

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