Friday, May 14, 2010


Sometimes I think bold is not a bad idea - then I remember the scars and bulges of my head-, specially after watching Lieutenant O'Neil....

I never like my hair they way it is.

While watching Germany's next top model I was wondering.. ok... where is that guy that gets everyone the "ideal haircut" for your face? I want him!!

I can say I tried all different shapes I'm brave with scissors but I just changed my color twice and it was a big mistake.

The first time I was 16 or 17 ans had short hair, I liked purple so I decide to buy somethign to dye my hair. It was suposed to last one or two weeks.

Ja! I had to cut my hair again to get rid of that colour.

Its was quite fun because at first sigth you didn't realise it, my hair looked darker but under the sun uouo!!! thats how it looked!!

The second time I hag long hair, I think I was 20 years old... the hairdresser told me, Hummm your hair is really dark why don't we try some little little highlights they ill soft your bla bla bla...

They day after (I promise) I went back to get rid of them and that was the last time that man saw me.

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  1. Crisis de pelo?
    Te entiendo perfectamente!!! Creo que los tonos de rubio que he llevado yo no están ni en el pantone.:)

    Tenemos ganas de verte!

  2. Ja ja ja tienes razon no me acrodaba de la fase britney!