Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The chicken!

Following the famous theory of the chicken of my dear mother the other day I saw that two chicken breasts were more expensive than a whole chicken so I took it and brougth it home.

Do I know how to cook a chicken? no, but who cares!
First question: will it be clean? I had seen in movies people puttuing his hand in the poor chicken's ass at take away everything so , when I arrived home the first thing I did was to check its ass.
Good! nothing inside!
Good for me not for the chicken because if it hadn't been "clean" I would have thrown it away! 

Second question: What can I do with the chicken? The first birthday present Placid ever gave me was a cookbook. When you are 21, cooking is not one of your main interests (at least for me) and a guy that after a month gives you a book like that mmmm..... but 8 years later I'm still with that guy and I' finally going to use that book!
So I open my cookbook for dummers look for "chicken"...  page 74 "cooking a whole chicken" great!
Really fas, I smeared the chicken with butter and some spices, put some vegetablen in his ass and put it in the oven! Placid ate it and is still alive so I'm quite happy. 

And the best thing is that I didi all of that without touching the chicken with my hands!  

And without using gloves because at home I have two pairs of gloves, the leather one for the motorcycle and a rubber ones to clean the WC, I thought that none was appropriate.

The chicken is cool drawing of my mother!

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