Monday, May 10, 2010

Nice weekend

And busy!!

On saturday we spent the whole morning in the 4+5 Kreislauf, kreis is how they call the city quarters here - the 4th and 5th would be like the Born and Raval quarter in barcelona-. Every year they organize a special weeekend when stores are open in Sunday and offer special things (like sugus at the entrance) or discounts.  

Nice stores that make you wanna grab your credit card and use it but No! I was really strong and I didn't buy anything, well ... just a hat. A little one.

In the evening we went to drink something with a group of expats. We met them trought and it was really nice, we will go back there.

Oh I forgot, on Saturday we got a new member in our family, its pink and has weels... a new bike iuju!!  

On Sunday we wanted to go to the Mexican Fiesta in Rieter Park (beautiful!) but there were uhuge cues to get a taco so we left the place being really hungry (next year we will bring a tupper!!)

We endedn up eating in a nice terrase in front of the lake eating huge Bratwurst (aghhhh = Hommer noise).
We eat very soon here so we had time left to watch a movie at home, take a nap and iron (just a little).

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