Friday, March 12, 2010

Things are getting better

My brother manage to fix our "negrito" (it means little negger, its not a racist nickname for a co-worker! we use it for the VoIP-phones we use at the office, they are black and to distinguish them from the ordinary phone which were withe we call them negritos) so I do not have the feeling of living in the "sub-internet switzerland".

Yesterday I had a total success with the "cardboard-day", yes kids, to throw a little bit of garbage here you need higher education, full-color vision and a good alarm clock.

Today at 7.30 I realized it was Friday HORROR! garbage men wake up pretty early and if you do not throw your garbage on Friday you will have to keep it in house until the following week. Believe me, if you've eaten fish is not a good idea.

So now I have a special relationship with the workers in the building running down the stairs in slippers with my skirt tucked into my stockings to put the damn Züri-sack in the damn Züri-sack-container.

The chilly I noticed in my butt (we are at -1 º C) made me realice the problem of the skirt but it's not that bad, now I got a nice nickname " the spanish girl that shows her underwear for free".

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