Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad day

My ass hurts, don't laugh, it's not funny. Moving si not just bad for your lower back, my right buttock hurts like hell :-(

When? ALL THE TIME!! especially when I bend down or try vacuuming, which when you live between boxes is needed every five minutes.

The beautiful snow from the last few days has become ice this morning so when I went to get some bread (I do my own business breakfast in from of my computer) I slept hurting a little bit more my right buttock and also the lef.

Moreover Swisscom still hasn't managed how to fix our ultra-moder fiber glass connection for super cool people (begggg) and the shitty pen drive to connect they gave us is not very useful.

But there is more! Tomorrow is CARDBOARD DAY! iuju! when (according to my area calendar) you can leave the cardboard you want to throw away in the street and Mr.Garbage takes it but watch out! Just cardboard, no paper and everything need to be tied up and folded.

So me and my painful ass yesterday spent a couple of hours jumping and fighting with the tons of cardboard we have at home. I also went to a hardware store to buy some string, the hardware store looked like Cartier and the price of the string too.

Oh dear Barcelona with your beautiful garbage containers everywhere ....

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