Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Sunday...

Well, I write this sitting on my couch so you can guess that:

1. I have a sofa and is not in a box.
2. I have Internet connection.

Better do not talk about the rest!

The train ride was tremendous, nice except for 2things: the pitiful meows of Sona (miu miu) that after twelve o'clock at night decided wanted to return home (she also decided wanted to look outside througth the window every 5 minutes (it's funny to see two hairy asses peeking under the curtain of the cabin).

At 7:30 am, when I managed to make Sona silent (no, I didn't kill her) someone knocked at the door.

The nice Swiss Police in search for drugs full equiped with a dog, so Placid and me had to stay in an elegant combination of pijama and underwear in the corridor while the dog satrted jumping around the tiny cabi of the train.

I was afriad the dog could think Sona and Uxim where some kind of breakfast for him and Placid was worried that the Swiss Police could discover the nice catalan food his grandfather brought us to the train as a souvenir.

That's what a call a nice gift, llangonissa (a sort of salami but MUCH better) spanish ham and a Barça scarf!

Offended by their treatment, while having breakfast the waiter explained to us that it is common that Swiss Police controls every cabin inlcuding every pocket of your pants nomather if you are 10 years old or a nice couple or enderly people.

So boys, you can traggle cold meat but nothing else.

And if you are traveling with animals not listen to anyone, TAKE SEDATIVES!!! Give the to your pet or take them all for you but at least you will be able to sleep!

Uxim, she doesn't care about anything and was happy in the train form the moment cero.

So we got to Zurich, we left our stuff in the hotel next to our new home, left the cats alone in the new flat and crawled our half dead bodies to Ikea!

Ikea in Switzerland deserves its own post so I won't give you detaisl now but now we have:

1. Four PAX cabinets disassembled on the floor waiting for Frau Whatever send her boys on Monday to fix them (Möbelmontage in German, its sounds funny).
2. A bed with a mattress so high I need help to sleep in (yeah Placid is a handyman!)
3. Some of the furniture that came from Barcelona.
4. My super computer chair, of the ugliest but most comfortable in the store. placid hates it and calles it Darth Vader.

That's it for today! I need to look for some clean clothes!

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