Monday, February 22, 2010

6 things to start...

  1. English is not my mother language, if you don’t understand something or your eyes pop out because of my spelling mistakes I’M SORRY.
  2. This blog is a handmade translation of MEJOR MAÑANA, the original one is written in Spanish, as I’m going to live in Switzerland for 2-3 years I decided to open this one to share with other expats my I hope wonderful experiences. So, if you want to read it in Spanish welcome.
  3. I’m moving because mi significant other got a new job in the same company (big, half Dutch half English….) where he has been working for… 5 year I think… we have been together for 8 years now, a long-distance relationship souds stupid to both of us so we decided to accept the offer and move.
  4. I’ll keep my job in Barcelona, I’ll be a home-worker and I’ll commute to Barcelona once a month.
  5. In Barcelona I'll stay with my parents... yes, almost thirty and back home!
  6. March the first is THE day. At least it was, there are some bureaucracy problems.... I'll keep you updated.

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