Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foam party!!

Two days ago (I was to ashamed to post it) I found out that although Fairy (a soap you use to do he dishes) sells little tablets for the dishwasher is not a good idea to put the soap you use to do the washing up by hand in the machine.

I did it.

Thanks my hungry stomach 5 minutes late I felt like eating something and I found out the kitchet floor was covered
with foam; an inch of dense white foam a strong soap smell and Sona (one of our cats) trapped and terrified on the other side of the door.

There are no "fregonas" in Switzerland (I'll post about it later) so I took a ton of towels and dishclothers and build a barricade to protect the rest of the flat and its hateful dark wood floor.

When I disconected the washing machine I saw the inside was even worse, I could not see anything! just a huge ball of foam!

So I spent a half hour removing foam with a colander and throwing it in the sink, but the stupid foam didn' want to go out: a ball of foam in the dishwasher and a huge ball fo foam in the sink, nice....

I got a sort of divine inspiration so I took a botle of alcohol (the one you have in the first-aid kit) and started to sprinkle it everywhere.

It worked! the foam melted like the wicked witch of the Oz Wizard. Take that, you haven't see something so cool since the good episodes of CSI!

But the problem was not solved, yet! The dishwasher has a security system and even if the power goes out, it recovers and continues with the program. There si no way to make it end once it starts.

Mmmmm ...... the dishwasher was quite empty of foam, the dirty dishes where on the floor (yes, the foam does not clean at all) and the ton of towels totally wet. I was sure that when the machine started again another huge ball of foam would emerge (there was still a lot of fairy soaking on the corners).

So le't put some more alcohol inside! The hot water and the alcoholic emanations began to cause me hallucinations, Sona was in the corner
leaving beautiful prints in the floor and fascinated with so much activity.

So adfter baptiocing the dishwasher with alcohol I close my eyes, I push the button and the machine continues with its
diabolic program.

From then on, for almost an hour (all programs here are "eco", they spend a little water and move it from side to side, great for foam) my concentration making communities settlements (uuuu so fun eh?! ) was interrupted every 5 minutes to run, stop the dishwasher and spray the inside with more alcohol killing the mutant foam growing inside.

Thats a real sport!

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