Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our wedding II - the dress

I was quite sure what I didn't want for my wedding dress: no long dresses no white dresses.

Finding non white wedding dress in Spain was impossible but after watching Funny Face we had a clear idea of what we wanted.

A good friend gave me the phone number of a lovely lady with magical hands and after a trip to Gratacos everything was done and I got the pretty short pink dress I was hoping for.

Cheesy? who cares I loved it!

Placid decided what to wear having a little idea of the shape of the dress and a piece of fabric (his tailor had pictures) so the day of the wedding he knew more about my dress that I knew about his!

The two things I loved the most about my dress: the 200.000 buttons on my back and the way it moved, really fun to wear.

The dress was strapless and the "sweater" was made of one layer of thin tulle, the buttons were for real, my poor mum spent a nice time fighting against them.

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