Monday, March 19, 2012

Our wedding I - some details

Now that we know we are having a boy, spring is coming and my hip is improving we finally manage to pick up our wedding pictures (sometimes we are extremely lazy I know), so, this week I'll be posting something about this topic just in case it can be helpful for someone.

For the tables we visited Brockiland two times and got some really cheap and beautiful glass pieces. We wanted the flowers to be arranged quite easy and the florist picked up some amazing colors that matched my dress without being extremely girly.

I made Placid's boutoniere using some pink and grey yarn (our brothers and fathers also wore one) to attached them to the suit we used two little magnets. They were extremely easy to do, 3 different crochet flowers, an I-cord, a little leaf and voila!

My headpiece was also home made. I made 3 little flowers using grosgrain fabric in nude colors (like my shoes) and some lefover silk and tulle from the dress. Each flower was separately attached to a small comb so make it easier to fit them in my hair.

The fishnet veil was completely white (I couldn't fins a nice not-dirty-looking nude color) and also atached to a transparent plastic comb.

The hair was a bit tricky we didn't find the right style until my mum and Youtube found the solution, yes, my mum made my wedding updo following  a Youtube video. I'm so proud! More details about the hair in her website. I loved it I felt pretty and it didn't feel like a helmet. 

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