Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter boots

So, there is a beautiful universe of nice winter boots that I was unaware of, until now!

Swiss people wear everything everytime, I'm not sure if they are used to the cold or they just want to wear something different instead of wearing huge winter boots for 4 months in a row!

So for example, its snowing -5ÂșC and you see Coverse, rubber boots, high heels, leather boots, ballerinas, uggs, winter boots ...

I have cold feet, I'm getting used to the weather and I looove shoes so I was happy to have a excuse to add some stuff to my closet (poor Placid).

I had a little short list of "cute" winter boots, at least cute enougth to be able to wear them and not miss to much my "normal" shoes (maybe when I get used to the weather I will be able to wear them but now its like a litlle esquimal torture!).

I know there might be cheaper boots anywhere (well not in Schwitzerland of course!) but my feet liked those ones.

Placid had to go to NY so I asked him to buy the ones from Ugg (I'm really happy with them) but I'm still in love with number 2... mmmm maybe I'll ask the 3 Kings to bring them in black! (Iin Spain Sant doesn't bring presents we have 3 cool interracial kings that bring stuff on the 5th of January)

There is also some for the guys, Placid is getting these for Christmas (its a surprise, he doesn't read my blog so its ok). 

 Number 1: Short Adirondach Boot II fro Ugg Australia
 Number 2: Sorel Caribou

Number 3: Bean Boots by L.L.Bean, 10" Shearling-Lined

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