Friday, November 5, 2010


The Uetliberg is a little mountain close to Zurich, if you have been in Barcelona its like the Tibidabo but better organised.

The view is great and there are some restaurants on it, to go up you can choose between many different paths to go for a walk, ride a bike or, if you're lazy like me or have 134.578 kids like many people around here use the train!

I hadn't been there yet (bad Julia bad!) and we thought it would be a relaxing little excursions for the weekend, Ja! half Zurich was there!

On the top of the Uetliberg (871m) the is a 72 m2 high tower to take pictures or freeze yourself while enjoying a nice view.

The wind was blowing and was freezing but we saw many people sitting around enjoying the terrace eating french fries. ¿?

If you go there bring a hat and a comb, also some cash is a good idea, we forgot it and we didn't pay for the train back ups!

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