Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guest blogger: Sona

The winter is here, at least for me! People around say "get ready for january" but for me 5ºC its enoguth, just in case I started to eat more (Julia is not very pleased about that) and I spent as much time as I can doing this (see picture).

When the sun appears, while Julia is working and screaming some people in Barcelona (one day I need to teach her some communication skills) me and Uxim try to absorb as much sun we can, just like lizards (with a much better sense of style of course).

To get myselft ready for the sky season I started to do some sport, we have a new toy, humans think its awful (Placid doesn't want to look at it directely!) but I love it (Uxim is not so convied), its one of those cat playground, aaaawesome....

I want to learn snowboard this year, it looks much better on pictures and I heard guys are cute. We'll see!

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