Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, "we" won

Yesterday I went to watch the game in the Hiltl WM Lounge blink blink

Placid and me where ther, one of his German colleagues and his nice wife too together with 200 other Germany supporters and 20 Spain supporters screaming “Viva Franco!” that made me feel ashamed.

Its really nice when you hear how everyone uses “we” or “they” depending on the results. Everybody in Spain today says WE won! WE are going to the final!

But ask a German, “they” didn’t play well! “they” were boring and sleepy!
Something like when my father told my mum – Take, “your” baby needs a clean diaper-…


  1. No, the Germans round my table said 'we were not as good as the Spanish', but WE have a yount team that will beat everybody asses in 4 years' time. :)

  2. Then you had really good Germans in your table! :-)
    The spanish team was not so good it was quite boring match if we are honest, now let's hope they wake up for the dutch people!