Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Barcelona Football Penya (fan club) in Zürich

I do not usually use capital letters but they are worth it.

La "Penya del Barça" in Zurich, on the road since 1981 in a curious place in Zurich. One would expect a bar at a street or a corner shop but no, on the first floor of an office building these people, kings of the good life have made a great place to be.

A wooden bar, table football, two giant televisions, souvenirs, scarves and posters galore and a small kitchen where Mr. Eduard wifes makes delicious fried calamari and galician octopus.

Mr. Eduard, secretary of the Penya for more than 14 years knows that being out fo home is hard (not as much as it was in 1954 when with his very young wife under his arm, he landet in Zurich in search of something better without knowing a word of anything that was not Catalan) so when he sees a new face he is happy to give advice and get you new friends.

The place is tiny and the fans are very faithful so in a psecial day like next saturday (Barça vs Madrid) you need to go there 2 hours before to get a chair.

A nice afternoon with good conversation, nice spanish beer and of course nail biting! Oh, and 4 goals! Even if you do not care for soccer its nice to go there. In addition there is no other place in Zurich where you can enjoy a San Miguel beer and "brave potatoes" such a good price!

I forgot to mention that after a while you realize that being in an office building is a good idea, there are to neighbors to disturb when you celebrate every goal ringing a bell!

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