Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm shaking it but you can't tell

So, following with one of my 2013 Mottos "do stuff and move your butt" I signed myself up for a belly dancind course.

If you know me this might be your reaction:

Yes, I have no measurable sense of Rythm. I'm the poor one in gym class that stays in a corner and is unable to follow any choreography, the one you think "maybe its her first day" but in fact has been attending to that same class for one year!

But hey, when 4 different people tells you "oh that could be good for your hip and its fun" you tell yourself, wtf forget Shakira I'm coming!

It is fun, it is difficult.  I can't wait to wear a candleholder in my head around the house....

Until I learn I'll do my own thng, like this little dude, shake it babe!

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