Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Etsy love - gifts for a little beast

I realised I have tons of favorited stuff in Etsy so once in a while I will share some of it. My experience whit Etsy is been great so far, I've done 15 purchases and even when the product didn0t match my expectatives (just happened 2 times) the sellers offered replement or discount to solve it.

Its nice to actually have a relationship ith whoever makes what you are buying s be brve, and if you nee to make a git take a look around.

Today gifts for a little someone.

  1. Felt baby shoes (made in Barcelona!) 
  2. Wood toy set of Montessori clasics (we just ordered the ooden egg).
  3. Frog mask, I wish they did it in adult size, seriously!
  4. Octopus plush with Briggite Bardot lips. 
  5. Star shaped pillow, to remind Lluc about his grandma! This store also has beautiful toddler bedding.
  6. For your little Groucho.
  7. Origami mobile, babies love mobiles, Lluc still stares at the ones we made for him.
  8. Baby blanket.

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