Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ñami ñami

I know you are all gelous that I can write this lovely letter Ñ.

Compared to the pleasure of eating, cooking and grocery shopping are a big pain in the ass. I know I know cooking can be relaxing and enjoyable bla bla bla.

During Llucs dark months I didnt ate very well for lunch. Placid would cook something good for dinner (I'm a lucky girl) but lunch was more about "eat what you can when you can and then fill it up with bread". I think from august to december I my lunch diet was cereals, milk, bread, jamon serrano and Movenpick ice cream (great to avoid post partum depression).

Now I'm trying to improve what I eat for lunch but I found myself wondering WTF I'm to lazy for that! so when I see this:

I smile because there is a yummy future full of easy quick food around the corner. I can cook an egg, I can smash an advocado I can eat that and believe me after 4 months of Chocos, this is heaven.

I'll keet you updated, meanwhile lets thank my lovely husband who has been feeding me theses lasts months when I did'nt care about anything.

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