Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I love mobile, I had a pretty big colection back home, now they are spread between my parents home and some boxes in Zurich.

It looks like babies love mobiles too so I had a great excuse to do some craft around.

For the first one I used this paper gems templates from Mini-eco (a blog worth a visit) and
turned them into a mobile.

I used paper, a metalic white hoop I found in Cood Bau+Hobby and nylon thread. The worst part was asembling the paper gems but after 4 it gets easy :-)

The second one is still in progress. A while ago I found this Etsy seller who makes this beautiful (and affordable) mobiles and fell in love with them. So when last Saturday walking around Z├╝rich I found a little origami for dummies kit I felt destiny was telling me to do something similar on my own. 

How? Youtube my dear. 

Until now I have a crane, a giraffe, a rabbit, a butterfly fish and an elephant (that doesn't look very nice) I still need to think how to build the mobile but origami is not my thing, the next time I'll buy it allready made :-P

Don't forget to check Kidivist store in Etsy !


  1. They are beautiful! You should do this full time :)

  2. Ja ja ja no no, I get bored too easily!

    The paper gems one is still near the changing table and Lluc loves it. Oliver is a grown up boy but when he gets a sibling I promise I'll make you one!