Monday, November 21, 2011

Home alone

For a long time Placid and me have been wondering, WHERE ARE SWISS MEN ON SATURDAYS?!!!

The question comes after observing that every satuday you see a lot of women alone everytwhere, shops, reastaurant, the street.... during the week is normal, many women with small children don't work so you expecte to see more women than men flying solo during the week, but on Saturdays!?

On Sunday I got the answer, they are all in the swimming pool, with the kids! The same swimming pool where I suppoused to swim 1000 mts. to stay in shape for my upcoming surgery (yes I know I still haven't said anything about this and btw I'm unable to swimm 1000 mts :-( ) and guess what, its impossible to swimm with 50 kinds jumping around.

Luckly they have a swimming pool just for serious people, the bad thing is that many swiss people above 50 are not very good swimmers (don't kill me thats what I have seen!) so at the end I had to choose between the jumping kids and the floating croquettes.

Sometimes life is about awful choices... I chose the croquettes swimming pool and I almost land with my face on a poor fat woman ass. Not very nice for a Sunday morning....