Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, All Saints, the Castanyada...

Halloween is wining the battle against our traditions for the 1st of November.

Spanish people used to get dressed and visit their dead relatives.

In Catalunya we also gather together on the 31 of October and celebrate the Castanyada, eating roasted chestnuts, backed sweet potatoes and panellets.

I specially love the Castanyada it allways makes me think about my grandfather sitting next to a barbacue cooking some "Rovellons" the best mushroom ever. Seriously with some good toasted bread and tomato, olive oil and Rovellons your live is complete.

Even so, Halloween in winning. why?
1. Who wants to eat roasted chestnuts and poanellets when the weather is nice and almost 20 ÂșC outside?
2. All traditional meals of the Castanyada are hipercaloric, and nowadays people is obssesed with being thin. 3. Cementeries can be depressing, if you still miss your dead grandpa going there will make you cry, if you don't miss them, why bother?!
4. Our traditions don't invite anyone to get drunk and have fun but Halloween allows you to put on a sexy Supergirl dress and hook up with some hut guy (if you are lucky).
5. A picture is worth a thousand words:

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