Friday, September 2, 2011

Cleaninung up

I'm absolutely obssesed with this images from artist  Ursus Wehrli  it reminds me when my mums goddaughter used to come home and tidy up everything. She was about 4 years old and spoke like she was 70, she was just amazing, she could spend two hours putting organising, classifiying and studing everything that was on my table. 

I remember one day she asked me to organise my bags, neckalces, bracelets and other stuff that was all over the room, she made little groups by size, colour. I always have some (new of course) tampons in my bags,  just in case, so usually my closet is full of them, all the ones she found where in a perfect row by colour!

When she asked what those "weird pens" were, I told her to ask her mum ja ja ja !

It makes me feel so old to see she is a beautiful young woman now!

See the rest here.

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