Monday, June 6, 2011

Girls talk

Ok I accept I have tons of clothes and even more shoes (most of them I'm not able to use them now because of my stupid hip/but but they will return to the active life soon I hope) but I still see miself pretty often saying "I don't know what to wear".

Some of the stuff I have, has been in my closet for ages and some other thing even have wear-hole no no.

Having to manage two closets (the suff I keep in Barcelona towear when I go there every month and my sutff here in Z├╝rich) doesn't help, I have two closets full fo crap instead of one and -dont' ask me how- I often discover all my underwear ends up in one country (??? I still need to find out how!).

So, its time to get of the crap and try to keep it simple (at least for the clothes, I'm not sure if I can manage to do this with shoes).

Some guides around: the Wardrobe Rehab from A Pair and a Spare and Dead fleurette, the queen of small closets.

Hopefully I'll end up this prohect with two clean small and functional closets a new midset regarding shopping.

This Friday step one: culling. Maybe I'll show you some of my crap... (the best shitty pieces are in Barcelona though).

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  1. Hey Julia!

    How is your life going on?

    Are you happy in Switzerland?

    At the end did you finish the "Curso Mediador de seguros"