Sunday, May 29, 2011


Thanks Gerard (thank you!) on Thursday we went to visit what migth be Eurodisney for geeks, the Google office!

We are a Google friendly home and small business, at home we are produ owners of HTC, my brother and I stille use the prehistoric HTC Dream, great if you want to train your tricepts whikle speaking!

Things I really loved in that place:

1. Their bring your pet policiy (I just saw dogs, I wonder if other animals are also allowed).

2. The fire pole, not that good if you are wearing a skirt like me and its summer but still fun.

3. The "fuck everything room", they call it watter something but my name is much better. A quiet darke place with aquariums full os beautiful creatures, nice surrounding music and massage couches, even a bath tub!!

4. The food. This is the worst thing when you work at home, cooking for one. Google has a ghuge kitchen with good food (even Mövenmpick ice cream!) and some little bars or cafeterias everywhere!

5. The non offical deco, the things people bring to warm up the place. Posters, pictures, and geeks stuff that beat my golden cat and my "Mr Krabs"!

Tu sum up, Gerard sorry I want to come again!!jo jo jo!!!!

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