Monday, May 23, 2011


Men those people just love barbecues if the sun is shinning and he weekend is here you'd better run to the supermarket otherwise you will find NOTHING. Really, even thing you would never use in a barbecue, they just buy it and try.

Mmmm Cheerios, great put them on the grill!

On saturday we started our bbq saison with 12 hours of beer and meet, maybe thats why i'm feeling like Homer Simpson today...

I also jumped into the lake (Placid didn't because he had been sick for 2 weeks), the watter was great but I stille hate seaweed.... the are like fingers of dead people iucs!

Bbq make many living beings happy, specially ducks, when the sun goes down, families leave the park and the young people arrive to get drunk and burn some cervelas, ducks come hunting for everything they can eat!

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