Friday, April 8, 2011

The dress...

I created the tag "wedding" now it will be easy to follow our experiencies throught this silky and complicated universe!!

If you what another (funny) version fot he story check my mum's website!

So, the dress..... Although I won't be wearing a real wedding gown I realised had no idea about chiffon, tulle, silk and all this mist... so my freidns told me to check some traditional stores to get in touch with the exciting world of wedding gowns. What was I missing!

Last week we went here and here, after that, my mum made some excursions or interesting phone calls to other places (some of them looked very professional and where extremely nice like Raimon Bundo and Tot-hom thumbs up for them). 

1. lesson: time flies.
In the wedding industry time flies speccially for those stores that do their dresses somewhere in the 3rd world. They expect you to choose and pay more than 6 months ahead, oh yes 6 months is nothing!
Its really fun to see that the small stores that actually do and sew your dress there (and therefore are flexible to make changes and get what you want not what the 2011-2012 catalog says) need less time!
I guess some financial director decided its was good to get money asap, ok I understand, money is money.

2. you don't choose. 
Well I did but in one place the only thing I got was:

A- I see you like them different....
 (ok thanks but this is good or bad lady?)
B- dresses I hadn't choose and made me look like a chicken. Check this out.
C- Serious doubts about the way I look.
¿Do I look like I'm extremely worried about the price? ¿OMG thats me? (this question is a must in a room absolutely covered in mirrors with a bad choice of colours and light, oh yes, get naked please and feel embarrased, thats how brides what to feel!!)

In the other place the dresses where nice and the woman knew more about wedding dresses but I was dissapointed, I wanted to see and try short wedding dresses (in fact I called to make sure they had them!!), but no, "brides don't wear short dresses, no no". Ok men.

Lucky me I'm in Zurich now and my poor mum is doing all the job ja ja ja !!

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