Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So Placid and me want to do things fast this means we need to:

1. learn all about weddings
2.do the paper work
3.decide and pay everything

So we thougth, there must be some webwith online toools to organise this crap.. oh my Google, some? there a 10.008.587.574.893 of them! specially in the states. I mean, Spain may have a nice weather and big families but the wedding bussines in the States is huge.

And its not just the wedding, they beat us in celebrations to eat (and we were so proud about that... ) engagement dinner, rehersal dinner, the venue, the after-wedding brunch ...?!!!

At the end we decided for the classic www.marthastewartweddings.com, I've been using martha stewart website for crafts like my tye -die experiment (wait for the come back this summer I have 50 white tshirts to try!!) but I had never looked at the "wedding" section. Until now.

Holy crap do we really need to do all these things?!!!!!  Well we... according to that webiste the groom doesn't exist! You you you... no we anywhere. Men of the world join us in the easy 50%-50% wedding revolution.

The funniest one is the check-list, its quite useful of course but they put you some default tasks like
(and these ones where the first on the list so I guess they must be pretty important):
  • Get Inspired! Browse your favorite wedding dress gallery to get ideas for your own dress! 
  • Start your wedding workout routine now! Eat well, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. You may even want to join a gym or get a personal trainer to give you some motivation!

Oh yeah, thats the motivation I'm eating right now.

I guess the groom goes to the wedding naked and doesn't exercise at all!

More to come!


  1. No sé si et serà de molta ajuda però jo vaig utilitzar molt aquesta web http://www.wedtool.com/ per tenir part dels temes sota control (només la versió gratis, no cal pagar). Això i molts excels per endreçar llistes. I mooolta paciència, sobreviure als preparatius és més complicat que sobreviure al matrimoni!

  2. ja ja ja merci aquests finde ens ho mirarem! despres de 9 anys junts no crec que el Placid em doni gaires sorpreses!

  3. Ostres! m'he deixat el diccionari
    estic mirant la seccion wedding cupcakes. Agh!!!! quina pinta mon dieu