Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jamie's 30-minute meals

Placid and me are loving this tv show on Channel 4 and we are doing our little projects. The pictures suck but the food is improving.

What we like about him (appart form the fact that he is really messy, uses old "home-looking" kitchet stuff instead of super-fancy and new pots) is that he makes it easy and fun to cook. Ok maybe too much chilly everywhere for our mediterranean taste but everything is great.

Spanish cooking tv shows suck, we have Karlos ArguiƱano, who is fine but has been doing the same thing for ... 30 years? I don't know, and the Catalan TV got a young guy who was ok but nothing special.

Great food in a great country, shitty TV shows to teach useless cookers like me!

Oh if you have some time whatch Jamie's TED talk!

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