Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have to say Düsseldorf is much uglier than Zürich but its a great place to party!

The city with the longest bar in Europe takes its title seriously and you can see people having a drink there anytime. Is it cold? Do't worry two drinks instead of two!

And the euro makes everything much better (I love you mi litle cheap coin)....

The old city is beautiful and don't be surprised to find many old gentlemen dressed like that
around February, Carnival is big in Düsseldorf!
The best thing of the city apart from my girls? (and boy, Santi!) a sandwich!

Beware because "funky shredded beef with caramelized onions ina  wrap" can turn out to be a dry piece of bread with 2 inches of minced raw meat and onion on top. Yes, you will end up looking like this! 

 Picture credits:1 , 2.

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