Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Schwimmbad Forchbad

So, last-last Sunday we went here to float like veggies in a soup.

I loved it.

At firdt we thought there was a secret entrance to Narnia, Eurodisney or something like that, there is no other explanation to the 45509684736261784 kids jumping, screaming half naked in the dressing room.

Yes, just one dressing room for everyone. You can fight with a huge Swiss family for a small cabin to put of your swim suit alone or make the funny "towel-ass-underwear-trouser" technique. (I will post a video about that one, without the ass part).

The place is huge, they have like 4 or 5 different pools outside (you cannot used them now of course), even a warm one (kids not allowed iuju!) to sit, relax, and freeze your ears.

We sat there until our toes looked like raisins, when we got inside (where you can find 2 more swimming pools we discoverer a worderful watterslide "for the kids".

Just for kids? Ja! I left half of them deaf screaming iujuju! while sliding down.

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