Saturday, January 8, 2011

Penguin Parade poing poing

So, I went to the Zoo by myself on thursday (nobody was working back home -the 6th of January its a holiday- and I decided to celebrate my own 2 magic kings day in the Zoo).

I havent been a big fan of Zoos (?) since I went to the one in Barcelona many years ago. A piece of advice, don't go there, its depressing its falling apart too small for the animals, they should definitely close it (there hare rumours a big and worderful new Zoo is going to be build but these rumors exist since.... allways! and the awful small Zoo is stille there, and the poor animals too).

But I realise many other countries do it better and the Zürcher Zoo apperas to be a good one, one where animals are actually in good conditions and feel alive.

On the other side this Zoo has really popular atraction, the Penguin Parade. Evryday, when its cold enoguth (under 10ºC) the penguis make a little walk around the Zoo. You can stay there and watch them walk.

Sounds silly? Who cares they are super fun and cute. They walk around with the cooles attitude you can imagine, like they own the place.

A friend told me some years ago they walk down Bahnhofstrasse :-P

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