Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Health issues are a pain in the ass

Some of you noticed I've been complaining about my back since.. last June! :-( 

Here is an explanation, maybe google will make this useful for someone one day. 

I March due to the wonderful, not stressful at all combination of moving-being expatriate to Schwitzerland-Ikea I got what looked like a little bit of sciatica. I'm like Rambo (but better looking) so I did nothing. 

April and May went ok but June... hmmm some weird pain appeared again in my butt that radiated all the way down to my foot. So I finally decided to use the wonderful medical insurance we got from Placids employer and went to the doctor here

Movemed... where Swiss super sportsmen go! And old Swiss standard men too! (its a good place, I'm not healthy yet but I recommend them its not their fault that my body is stupid!)

So from that day on, me and my right piriformis muscle started a love&hate relationship. I'm the queen of abs and stretching my ass in weird ways (for 5 € I do it in weddings and conventions), I also have 100 tons of Spanish and Swiss anti-inflammatories (really expensive here, I feel like a drug dealer everytime I come back from Barcelona). 

About one moth ago I finally started to see some results and got a training routine (yes my dears no weird sport just a little bit of bike ridding since March'10, no weird fun experiments in bed either) my physiotherapist combined with the exercises I keep on doping 5 time everyday! 

Body is a tricky thing, for no reason I got this stupid injury that appears to be common in athletes (my hip really doesn't know me at all). Stress make it worst of course so, going to Spain for work is painful, my ass is Swiss now, what can I say!  But well, I was improving

But now... a week ago I felt a argh! pain in my feet. Plantar fasciitis. Again my feet have no idea who I am. 

Why? Ja ja its something sooo fun to ask a doctor, they are like lawyers!

The thing looks like we are successfully correcting the bad position of my hip, leg, knee etc but my feet, after almost 30 years are not happy about that.

Nobody likes changes I understand but I'm really tired about this. 

The good thing, the pain in my feet make the pain in my hip (that doesn’t like to stay seated for a long time) look smaller. :-(

So if someone got these or any kind of injury which needed a long time to recover please, what did you do to stay motivated and positive? Its not really my thing (I love complaining about everything )but I need some positive input to keep on working. 

And if someone tells me those injuries are here to teach me how to be positive I'll kick his/her ass!

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