Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guest blogger Sona, thinspiration for cats

I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays, I spent them here in Zürich with Uxim. Placid and Julia went to Spain and we got a pet sitter (so no wild party at home).

2011 doesn't look really good. I'm on a  diet.

Our new vet doesn't understand I'm a healthy bog-boned feline female, no... she says I'm just FAT.

Apparentely my head shouldn't be smaller than my ass (!!)

Lucky me getting thiner as a cat is easier as a human. I see then suffering in the gym, eating 2 kg of peaches everyday for one month and sweating inside some weird plastic pants.

My diet is muuuch better, the only one who sweats is Placid everytime he has to buy my new super-fit-ultra-mega-rich dry food. Obesity its called, so original.

So I just seat, eat, sleep and go to the toilet. What a hard life...

Of course I still look everywhere just in case i find something better (and fattier to eat). The dryer is a good place, specially after laundry day.

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