Thursday, October 14, 2010


At the end there was no way to save our dog Becquer so we decide to end it up, it didn't make sense to get her awake from surgery when she wouldn't been able to recover and probably die with pain in a short time.

I 'm sad we didn't find it before, the last month hasn't been good for her.

Its sad, dogs are really missed, since I was born I've been lucky to have a parents who wanted us to enjoy the god and bad things about having a pet I think this made me a better person. 

Dogs have something special, they interact with you like no other pet does they reflect what you do and feel and make you see the good things in life like eating, playing, being with the ones you loves and of course, let someone scratch your belly :-)

They come and go, each of them different, with their own little things and character. Becquer was a cool dog, a though girl and the smartest dog I have ever meet.

She will be missed.

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