Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Barcelona

I'm in Barceloan this week and like always its didfficult to find a minute to write here.

On Saturday we went to a veterinary hospital with Becker, one of our dogs,she is coming home today, no idea if she has a long or short life expectancy but I'm ahppy to have her back here. Fingers crossed for her and hwer uretra!!

I also met my girlfriends this weekend. I miss them a lot in Switzerland, thery are more than close friends, I've spent with them more than 20 years!! I finally could see Anna's belly, she is the first of us to get pregnant and become a mother, its exciting :-)

It also gives me and excuse to start knitting things for kids, I need to decide a fun nice and easy project to start. with, I'll check in Ravelry...

See you soon!

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