Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sankt Gallen, Appenzell...

I found Sankt Gallen a little bit boring (sorry!) but the trip was worth because of the amazing library they have there.

I found it extremely beautiful, I would pay to stay there alone sitting in a couch just reading.

You need to leave everything in a locker and use a huge pair of slippers to walk around.

We decided to enjoy the new car and did a little detour to go back home.

A detour with a strong smell of cheese and dungl, because Appenzell is beautiful but it smells like both of them!

Appenzell is the swiss region where the famous ans stinky Appenzeller cheese is made (obviously) and its is really nice with green hills where hundreds of happy cows walk around.

We will goback for sure with a little bit more of time but our little visit lead us to these conclusions:

Appenzell is inhabited by:

1. Cows
2. Cyclist with heart attacks
3. Teenagers ridding a bike.

Yes, Appenzell is where Swiss people forget they comon sense and allow ten years old kids to drive with little motorbikes without a helmet and not so young people drive around wiht this:
What is this? I'll explain it later :-)

Meanwhile here is a bar with a nice view.

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