Monday, September 20, 2010

Its autum, no its winter! no its summer !wtf!

I'm hoem alone this week, Placid is in New York and I'm here in Zürich. The summer has gone, I think It was never here in fact, today at 8 o 'clock in the morning the air was chilly (4ºC) but the sun is shinning. We had really good weather here, in the mornign I think I'm in Barcelona enjoying a clear and sunny cold winter day but in the afternoon if the sun keeps shinning the day looks like a mild autum again.

Well until the night comes, then its really cold everywhere!! So I'm dressing like an onion every day.

The famous swiss onion look, wait a little you'll read abotu it in the Sartorialist for sure!

Yesterday I went to the cinema and it was the most expesive theater I've ever been. CHF 19!!! For that price I was expecting some sexual favours in the bathroom or at least a foot massage but no... just a movie. :-(


  1. Ah ah! I went once and it was 24 Chf... At least they have movies in the original version. Maybe you'll get use to it, but when we have holiday outside the country we take the occasion to go see a movie in theater!

  2. 24 CHF?!!!! please tell me got the foot massage!