Friday, September 24, 2010

Guest blogger

So here I am again. Julia is really happy, her parents are here to visit and her grandmother is here too!

Thats why on Thursday she used the vacuum cleaaner like crazy and Uxim and me spent the whole day under the bed.

Dyson its called the monster. We hate him.

We tried to bite the weird and hard grey tail he has, hoping to find some relevant arteries and let him bleed and die but we couldn't, and it tasted weird.

Placid has also come back. I'm afraid we won't see him very often theses nexts months, Julia gave us a picture so we don't forget his face and don't think he is an intruder and attackt him when he comes back home.

When I was young I did a self defense course and I'm a qualified guard cat, one day I'll show you my diploma.

I leave Spongebob is abaout to start.

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  1. This makes me smile. Hang in there! I hate Dyson too.