Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear Martha Stewart

I recommend you to travel around this little country called Switzerland, people here have taken the concepts of gardening and house warming to another level.

On Sunday Placid had to work, the sun was shinning and my back was a 1,5 out of 10 (I'm so happy!) so I decided to do a little excursion on my bike.

There is this amazing website wanderland.ch where you can find national, reginal and local hiking and cicling excursions. Really hard ones and the easy "suitable for kids and Julia" ones.

My plan was to start this one but I got lost (start means ride 5 kilometers, I'm weak and people on that website is crazy) and I ended up in a beautiful street full of amazing houses.

Yes, I like watching other people houses, I know its not polite but I find it extremely interesting (I look at the houses not through the windows I'm not a voyeur!!) especially houses with little gardens like the swiss ones.

Oh! If you ever go to Rotterdam and want to see a nice street check the area sorruoinding those ones Vijverweg, Vijverlaan, Slotiaan....close to Kralingse Bos

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