Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rimini, il mercatino

Thanks to Ravelry I have two new great guides to find the best spots in Zurich. On Monday we went to Rimini the Männerbad in Sihl river where every Monday they organise a flea market.

Swiss people find the way to re-use everything they organise this market in the Männerbad and a fancy bar in the Frauenbad (where I went yesterday).

Il mercatino is the only time a woman can enter in that "badi" and you want to got here is really cute, so different than the one for women! (which is also nice but in a different way)

Picture credits, facebook.

We were hungry but the place wa to crowed and we didnt want to figth for a piece of pizza so we went to el Lokal, really nice place where I will go back for sure. Picture credits: flickr

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