Sunday, August 1, 2010

Julia Jones

With flip-flops on a bike and I didn't fell down, I'm improving!!

Today we did a full home-day Sunday: Martha Stewart house cleaning, ironing, watching television and knitting as I was in serious risk to stay glued for ever to the couch I decided to take the bike and go for a ride.

Seefeld (the beautiful -and posh!- area of Zurich where we live) is surrounded on one side with the lake, on the other side with district 1 (the old quarter). I you ride your bike away from the center (dir south east) and up instead of riding near the lakeside, in less than five minutes you are surrounded by huge and beautiful houses, some of them pretty old (at the moment I have not seen anything looking empty and abandoned but many Masserratti and Q7 parked outside, what a life...).

Since there is almost no traffic can go drooling looking to the amazing gardens everyone has here, I usually go wandering and sometimes I get into someone’s garden ups!

Today, when I was riding back home I discovered Villa Patumbah.

No, it is not a trendy bar, it is a curious-looking mansion that thanks to Google I discovered it was built between 1883 and 1885 by order of a rich landowner who had made his fortune in Sumatra thanks to Tobacco plantations.

There is a garden that, together with the mansion is open to the public, not now because they are being reconstructed, I hope to see it before I go back to Barcelona!

Photo credits: JochenB, Wikipedia

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