Tuesday, August 31, 2010

argh! the walking washing machine

My wasching machine tends to move forward everytime we use it. It suppoused to be fixed but.. je je je Its not.

Today she decided to go for a walk and now, I cannot open the door of the bathroom. I spet the whole morning drinking apfelsaft like crazy so I'm NOT really happy now. Maybe I'll use one of the cats toilet....


  1. hahaha, our washing machine at home always used to do that, my dad had to climb into the toilet through a tiny window on numerous occasions to push it back and open the door... when I told this story to a friend who is terrified of washing machines (don't ask! :D), she went completely white: "a WALKING washing machine?!?!?!" :D :D :D

  2. Well they are a little bit terrifing so noisy...

    I live in a third floor but I'm also thinking about playing Spiderman and use the window :-P