Wednesday, July 28, 2010

French fries

I have two brothers, I love them for sure but when they were childs I had to figth with them for some food!

Thsi is one of the main reasons I'm not used and I don't like to share food. French fries were the big thing.

We didn't get pizza (that would have been the 3rd world war).

3 kids, 3 dishes full of french fries, 6 eyes comparing like crazy,

- Your fries are longer
- Yes but you have more of them.

After stealing some from the other dishes and licking them carefully (you do this to avoid your brother to eat something, it worked with Marc Albert but not with Xavier the yourger one, he was able to eat everything) we started to eat.

We also made competitions to get the longes french frie, we used to stick them with saliva or whatever trying to cheat.

These stupid memories often come to my mind and are one of the main reasons why if I ever decide to have kids I'll try to have more than one, siblings are cool.


  1. My brother and I would always get the same chocolates and candy, in my parents' effort to minimize this sort of argument. Of course, we came up with a different one. My brother loved holding out on eating his chocolate as long as it took, just so I would eat mine before. And then, once I had eaten mine, he'd be gloating about still having his while I have no more! Aaaah those were the days... :D

  2. I know this! my middle brother used to do it also Ja ja ja