Sunday, June 6, 2010

When the weather is nice here, jump off the bed!

Weather forecast here is pretty good (and easy, say "rain" and for sure you are right). On Friday as scheduled the sun went up and didn't stop until Sunday while Placid was taking a nap. iuju!

So we woke up pretty early and went to see the Rheinfalls, we did … and so did all excursions for “elderly but active people”. Swiss people get old pretty good you see them walking around well equipped with sticks everywhere (whether they are doing Nordic walking or just showing off some fancy patterned new sticks).

The river is quite impressing, specially when you are used to the little Catalan Rivers…

After that we went to visit Konstanz. It’s a nice city but finding a place to leave your car … :-(

We will come back to get a boat to visit the lake but I think we will go there by train!

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