Friday, June 11, 2010

Breed ravens....

And then will take out your eyes!! (shitty translation of a common phrase in Spain) ... Breed cats and they will squeeze your credit card!

Yesterday, this hairy ball decided to start peeing everywhere, a very exotic behaviour  that was obviously not well received by me. While I was sharpening the knife to make a pair of gloves out of her I realized that it looked more like cranberry juice instead of pee bad bad.

Placid was ready to make her some cardiopulmonary reanimation but everything pointed out it could be a simple urinary infection so, despite the angry meows we where pretty sure she would survive the night.

So, this morning with Goggle maps in one hand and my German dictionary in the other  I called the nearest veterinary.

The veterinary was really nice, Uxim was not.

Veterinary: Ohh ...... so süss (= Oh .... how sweet)
Uxim: GRAAAAAURGRRRRRR (= sweet? Come here you little bastard I will make you a new face!!!
Julia: Yes ... I would recommend using some barbecue gloves .....

And the end she got someone’s finger put in her ass, a couple of shots, her chip registered in Switzerland and I got a CHF199.90 fee, I’m thinking maybe the finger in the ass would be less painful ...

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