Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poor Placid...

Yesterday when I got home everithing was quiet, even Sona and Uxim. Placid was on the sofa in a sort of coma state grasping a cushion with his hands and staring at the TV.
I sat and instead of the match I staying there watching Placid who had more wrikles every minute.

1st when he realised the disgusting game of Milan.
when he saw Mourinhoshaking his ass in the Camp Nou and the sportiness of Mr.
when the times went away with no goals.

when the referee annulled a goal by Bojan.

His poor face had only a brief break when Pique made a goal, relief for his face but not for the neighbors who are still wondering who the hell was yelling "Suck that Mourinho!" and some less fine words from a window!

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