Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A night at the Opera...

My mother loves opera so when she knew we were moving to Zurich she checked on the internet what we could see in the Zurich Opernhaus.

We went there on Friday.

My relationship with the opera so far has been some performances and functions well chosen and paid by my mother, on Friday I realized how spoiled I was!

Note for readers: if you get offended I'm sorry but I don't care.

The Zurich Opera is tiny in all aspects, there are few seats, and looks like a golden candy box. It's not a hot spot in  the opera world so having Rolando Villazon performing was quite an event, an event celebrated with an abundance of sequins, lace, pearls and furs that could easily be worn in the Titanic!

The result was picturesque, I didn't like the staging very much (I think I'm not the only one).

I have to admit that there was a moment that made me feel embarrassed, during the Opera there is a party in which "a bunch of gay gypsies" and "macho bullfighters" (with a series of colored sticks worthy of a group of Majorettes) made a lyrical version of the Macarena.

Nevertheless a nice and quite interesting thing to see. I'm thankful the functions start at 19.00 instead of 20.30 as here in Barcelona, you have time to have a good dinner and go to bed quite soon!

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